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Cold Laser Therapy

How It Works When Cold Laser is placed over sick or injured cells, the light energy is absorbed. This stimulates the damaged cells to increase their energy production which is used to transform the damaged cells into healthy active cells. When an injury occurs, the sharp pain usually eases off and one can be left […]

Spicy Chai Tea

Here is a tea when you need a little more than the plain herbal variety… 1½ cups water 1 cinnamon stick 1 tbsp rooibos tea (optional) 3 cardamom pods 3 whole cloves 2 black peppercorns (optional) 5 slices of root ginger Stevia/Rapidura sugar (sugar without the nutrients removed) to your liking. 1 tsp coconut oil […]

Coconut Oil – the amazing benefits!

If any of you have looked on our Longueville Road Chiropractic Facebook site you would have stumbled across many articles on the benefits of coconut oil. Firstly, for any high temperature cooking, this is the oil you use as others will degrade. Olive oil is fantastic for low temperatures and salad dressings but does break […]

Neurology and The Chiropractic Adjustment

90% of the information we receive into the body from the outside world (proprioception) we receive as a result of muscle spindles (the tiny little nerve measurements of movement in our muscles). The chiropractic adjustment primarily affects these muscle spindles .The treatment switches on the nerves in these spindles that then send information to the […]

Cholesterol ..the truth

If you ever get blood work done to check out cholesterol, make sure the GP orders LDL as overall cholesterol is meaningless. Please refer to attached article at the bottom of the page for a thorough explanation. The article will tell you about the side effects of taking statin drugs including muscle aches, diabetes risk, […]