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Chiropractor for Lower Back Pain

Should you see a Chiropractor for Lower Back Pain?

Are you suffering from lower back pain? Rest assured – you’re not alone. At some point in their lifetimes, about eight in ten Australians will experience this condition to one degree or another – most so severely that they will seek the advice of a medical professional. About a quarter of all adults have even reported pain in their lower back in the last three months alone, and it’s the leading cause of job-related disability.

Do you think a chiropractor for lower back pain might help?

But while lower back pain is incredibly common, it’s often difficult to treat or even diagnose. Doctors most often recommend rest, time, heat therapy, stretching and exercises, but often that is not enough and drugs or even surgery are prescribed.

The good news is that chiropractic care can actually be the most effective lower back pain treatment that delivers results in a matter of weeks – or even days.

Why am I getting lower back pain?

There are many potential causes of lower back pain, but the most common are caused by mechanical problems and soft-tissue injuries, including disc damage, nerve compression, and movement problems with the spinal joints.

But you may also be suffering from chronic lower back pain, which is normally defined as a disc, joint or nerve complaint that has not resolved after the body’s normal healing process has had time to work.

You might also need to see a chiropractor for lower back pain because of:

  • A lower back muscle or ligament strain
  • Disc disease
  • Joint disorders
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Skeletal irregularities.

Most of the time, though, common lower back pain complaints are caused by irritation or the compromised function of the way your bones, joints, ligaments and muscles in your back work together.

How do I know when I need help?

In many cases, your lower back pain will resolve after a few weeks or so with self-care, home treatments and rest. But if it’s not getting better, or it’s getting worse, it may be time to turn to a doctor or a chiropractor for advice and support.

A licensed local chiropractor can help with your lower back pain by manipulating and adjusting your body, correcting poor alignment, improving or restoring movement, and easing pain. Research has shown that spinal adjustment is safer and often more effective than drugs or even surgery to not just relieve pain but also ease discomfort and restore function and quality of life.

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Chiropractors are skilled practitioners in identifying the root cause of these and other musculoskeletal concerns and getting you back to the activities and quality of life you enjoy. Just a visit or two can often get you off painkillers with natural treatments that are low on side effects and regarded as among the best lower back pain treatments for even severe sciatica.

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So for effective management and relief from swelling, inflammation, pain and other complaints with a safe and non-invasive option, it may be time to consider seeing a licensed and experienced chiropractor for lower back pain. Chiropractic treatment is gentle, non-addictive and effective for improving restricted joints and misalignments, improving function, increasing joint mobility and promoting spinal health.

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