chiropractor for shoulder pain

Chiropractor for Shoulder Pain

  • Is shoulder pain making normal movement and daily tasks difficult?
  • Are you having difficulty raising your arm?
  • Are you having trouble sleeping because of the pain?
  • Are other options for shoulder pain treatment not working?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of those questions, a chiropractor for shoulder pain really could help.

Many people who present to their GP with shoulder pain Sydney wide are commonly diagnosed with conditions of the rotator cuff. Often, the tendons or bones around the shoulder joint become damaged and inflamed, with anti-inflammatory drugs, physio and perhaps even surgery often recommended.

But what is less well known is that despite its association with back pain or spinal issues, most people seeking shoulder pain treatment actually respond positively to targeted, specialist chiropractic care. An experienced chiropractor for shoulder pain will often rule out actual tendon ruptures or damage and instead find that the tendons are out of place due to shoulder joint weakness or other imbalances.

Shoulder pain Sydney – Can your chiropractor help?

Shoulder pain is extremely common, but with appropriate care and treatment, most people can return to their normal activities before too long.

That is because in many cases, shoulder complaints that are not caused by actual damage but are instead part of a wider imbalance within the musculoskeletal system begin to respond almost straight away to chiropractic care. And the sooner you seek the appropriate shoulder pain treatment for your particular complaint, the less likely it is that a chronic problem will develop.

What shoulder complaints can a chiropractor help with?

Referred pain: Often, you are not actually experiencing shoulder pain per se, but neck pain that is ‘referred’ over to the shoulder.

Impingement syndrome: Usually, shoulder pain is caused by problems in and surrounding the rotator cuff, including bursitis and tendinitis.

Adhesive capsulitis: Otherwise known as a ‘frozen shoulder’, targeted chiropractic treatment can help to restore motion and relieve pain.

But there are many other complaints and conditions that could be addressed naturally and without drugs, surgery and side-effects by a chiropractor for shoulder pain. The shoulder is among the most used joints in the body, and often a chronic complaint will develop if your condition is not correctly diagnosed or treated.

Remember, the sooner you seek treatment, the sooner you can get back to the activities you need and love to do – and the less likely a recurrence of the issue will be.

So, if you:

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  • Have shoulder pain that won’t go away after a few days rest
  • Experience shoulder pain even when resting
  • Have trouble moving objects or lifting your arm
  • Or are experiencing any other unusual complaint relating to your shoulder, then Longueville Road Chiropractic & Health Care Centre may be able to help.

Here at LRCC, we focus on identifying and specifically addressing the underlying cause of your shoulder pain, rather than the short-term ‘quick fix’ of treating only the symptoms. Our combination of chiropractic adjustments, deep tissue massage and other chiropractic techniques is often the most thorough and appropriate way to address your complaint and pain, allowing you to get back to the lifestyle you love sooner and for the long term.

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