Cold Laser Therapy

How It Works When Cold Laser is placed over sick or injured cells, the light energy is absorbed. This stimulates the damaged cells to increase their energy production which is used to transform the damaged cells into healthy active cells. When an injury occurs, the sharp pain usually eases off and one can be left with a constant dull ache. The damaged cells are then replaced with scar tissue. If left untreated, the damaged tissue becomes harder and can ‘choke off’ the blood and lymph vessels. If the nerve tissue is damaged, wasting of the brain’s grey matter can occur (5-11% with patients with chronic back pain equivalent to 10-20 years of natural brain ageing).

Targeting Cold Laser  on scar tissue ‘softens’ fibriotic nodules of the scar tissue. This restores normal local circulation, allowing nerves to regenerate. Using Cold Laser over blood vessels has been shown to release more oxygen to damaged tissues. Cold Laser Therapy can stimulate parts of the brain to produce natural pain relievers (endorphins) and may activate the relaxation response improving total body blood flow. Applying Cold Laser therapy to your body’s lymphatic drainage system may move inflammation out and into the circulation. Not only can Cold Laser Therapy soften already formed scar tissue, it can reduce the formation of scar tissue!!

If you have only read the blue highlighted field of this article, you can understand how this is such an amazing advance in healing available and you could possibly understand why professional sports teams in the United States use Cold Laser as their ‘go to’ treatment. Also, when a small device can increase blood flow by 10%, many athletes are using it to enhance sports performance and it is drug free!

6000 research papers have already been submitted to PubMed and approximately 200 a year are added. Many of those research papers are a result of over 48 000 patient treatment cases. Research shows that a certain treatment plan/protocol has a greater treatment outcome. The treatment plan is the one we apply here at LRCC.

Catherine has been trained in the treatment protocol and use of Cold Laser. The decade rule usually applies for pain relief, in other words, if you are in your 50’s five treatments will be generally required. Tissue repair treatments follow this and will vary in treatment numbers according to the level of tissue injury.

Some Examples of What Cold Laser Therapy can do for You

  • Reduction of scar tissue in old and recent scars
  • Prevention of scar tissue formation in new injuries and post operatively
  • Reduces neck pain in acute and chronic cases
  • Significant relief and recovery from muscle soreness
  • Soothes knee osteoarthritis
  • Reduces swelling from ankle sprain
  • Relief from back and leg pain
  • Prevents Oral Muscositis (following effects of chemotherapy)

The laser we use is the Multi Radiance Medical MR4. Multi Radiance Medical is an international corporation with a presence in over 30 countries. It has been serving customers for 20 years with leading edge therapeutic laser technology. Yes, it seems Australia has been left behind on the benefits of Cold Laser Therapy for some time now.

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Scar tissue prevention and reduction, pain relief, faster healing…. getting you back on your feet quicker.