Posture Correction and Long Term Pain Relief


Chiropractic Biophysics (CBP) emphasises optimal postural and spinal alignment. It is the most published named technique within the Index Medicus (pub-med journals) in the Chiropractic care profession dedicated to the development, refinement, and study of structural/rehabilitative procedures for the human spine.

The aim of CBP is to improve the front and side view posture, improve range of motion and quality of movement, improve muscle strength and improve symptoms.

It is a full spine and pelvis corrective/rehabilitation having a firm foundation in the sciences of physics and biomechanics.

Postural misalignments cause increase in spinal loads (compression and shear) and spinal stresses. Due to the increased muscle effort required to stabilize abnormal postural/spinal displacements, the actual increase in load on the spine is much higher than merely the displacement itself. It is documented that abnormal posture affects the nervous system and therefore immunity. The goal of CBP is to correct these asymmetries to the greatest degree, minimising spinal degeneration, improve neurological dysfunction, and improve systemic health.

Denneroll products can help regain normal structural curves of the human spine.  In improving structure, compression and shear forces can be reduced on the spine aswell as decreasing muscle tension.

Changing the structural deformity and relieving muscle tension can create long term improvement in chronic symptons.

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