I come across a lot of research covering all sorts of topics, so I thought it was about time I started sharing these with you, whether it is to help a loved one or for your own information. Some of these links come with a summary section !

Association of Screen Time and Depression in Adolescents

Self-image seems to be largely associated with this- not unknown information for parents really, but it is nice to see the research on it.

Photobiomodulation and Alzheimer’s Prevention– I recently posted this youtube video on our facebook page. Amazing research from Neuro-physiologists in Canada. Photo-biomodulation is essentially light therapy.

Inadequate Fruit and Veggies Explain Many Cardiovascular Deaths

Some plant nutrients actually help cause vaso-dilation of blood vessels and with the heavy content of anti-oxidants within them, they are cardio-protective. The significant nutrient content can be found in three of our previous blog posts- Vitamins, Minerals and The Ultimate Smoothie

The Health Hazards of Energy Drinks

Too many of these are on the market now and are often drunk without much thought particularly in adolescents and young adults.

Low Bone Mineral Density– Not Just In Menopausal Women but young males too. There are many factors that can be associated with this, one of the biggest however is the gut micro-biome, the place in which important nutrients are absorbed. Hopefully I will have some more information for you on this topic shortly.

Actually they now have research on the gut- brain connection. Mood disorders,behavioural and autism research has found a connection.