Stress: It’s something we all deal with in one form or another, and it takes a major toll on our health. Prolonged stress (or an acute bout of major stress) can lead to  something called hypoadrenalism – more commonly referred to as “adrenal fatigue”. This term gets thrown around a lot and there are arguments from both sides about whether it exists or not. I  believe it exists and it causes much suffering.

Some symptoms of Hypoadrenalism are :

  • Excessive fatigue;– This fatigue is usually more pronounced during the day and you may experience a “second wind” of energy later in the evening.
  • Trouble sleeping;-  In the earlier stages you may experience insomnia or waking numerous times during the night.
  • Blood sugar crashes;-  low energy, shaky, “hangry” (angry and hungry!)
  • Postural hypotension;- feeling dizzy or vision blacking out when you go  from sitting or lying down to  standing. This is due to  blood pressure dropping (instead of rising) when you stand up.
  • Increase in allergies or asthma symptoms;
  • Recurrent infections;
  • Cognition and memory problems; – brain fog, forgetfulness.
  • Salt cravings.

Treatment is available and recovery is generally slow. Please speak to us if you have any concerns regarding this.