Cholesterol ..the truth

If you ever get blood work done to check out cholesterol, make sure the GP orders LDL as overall cholesterol is meaningless. Please refer to attached article at the bottom of the page for a thorough explanation. The article will tell you about the side effects of taking statin drugs including muscle aches, diabetes risk, sexual dysfunction ..etc..

Dr Ross Walker, Cardiologist even suggests that instead of taking statin drugs, take Vitamin B3 instead, as well as lose weight, eat better and be happy !  Of course!

It is also important to know that if you do take statin drugs, supplementation of Coenzyme Q10 is very important. Statins block the pathway that is involved in the biosynthesis of cholesterol and coenzyme Q10, an important co-factor involved in cellular energy production. In another words, statins deplete your body of CoQ10.

There are suggestions that coenzyme Q10 depletion may play a central role in the muscle pains and dysfunction of statin users. There is  research coming about that statins  cause diabetes. Statins also impair the function of all sterols, including cholesterol and Vitamin D , all your sex hormones ,cortisone and dolichols (keeps the inside of your cell coatings/membranes healthy..Odds are greater than 100 to 1 that if you’re taking statin, you don’t really need it. The subgroup that needs it are those who have a genetic defect called familial hypercholesterolemia.

Other research suggests that red rice yeast (guggulipids) ,in addition to reducing both total and LDL cholesterol also lowers triglyceride levels. It works like a conventional lipid-lowering statin drug (but it is NATURAL). Metagenic ( lipoplex product) and Bio-ceuticals practitioner supplements we stock have Red Rice and CoQ10 products.

I recently posted an article on our LRCC facebook site by Dr Dwight Lundell, a past Chief of Surgery of the Cardiac Care Centre Arizona. He is the founder of Healthy Humans Foundation. He says the problem isn’t cholesterol but inflammation causing a change in blood vessel walls enabling cholesterol to lodge. So, get rid of the inflammation and you will get rid of the cholesterol problem.

“Since we now know that cholesterol is not the cause of heart disease, the concern about saturated fat is even more absurb today”. “The cholesterol theory led to the no-fat, low-fat recommendations that in turn created the very foods now causing an epidemic of inflammation…mainstream medicine made a terrible mistake when it advised people to avoid saturated fat in favour of foods high in omega-6 fats. What you can do is choose whole foods your grandmother served and not those from the grocery aisles filled with manufactured foods..return to foods closer to their natural state..animal fats contain less than 20% omega-6 and are much less likely to cause inflammation than the supposedly healthy oils labelled polyunsaturated..forget the “science” that has been drummed into your head for decades….That science is weak..”

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