Vitamins that should not be missed – Health, Longevity and Beauty Benefits!

Vitamins are important for many processes in our body including the process of gut and liver detoxification, neural tube development and DNA formation. The skin, the largest organ in the body is important as a defense mechanism and its health is a function of our immune system which includes what we put in our bodies. From ageing, acne, skin conditions such as eczema and even abrasive and ablative cosmetic procedures, and the condition of the skin including its protective barrier is very important. What can complicate maintaining healthy skin is that the formation of vitamins and any reaction in the body requires certain complex biochemical processes. Stress, environmental and genetic factors can cause these processes to break down at different points creating individual patterns and problems for that person. Oral supplementation could be helpful here in some cases to re-balance the body, helping promote health and longevity but what can we do for the skin?

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